We provide our clients with detail specific instructions on what documents are required for every case, and prepare all the associated relevant application forms .

We  also provide legal support throughout the application processes on your behalf .

We also assist you prepare for your interview and continue to guide you until you obtain your  resident status in Spain.


With a minimum qualifying investment of €500,000 in Spanish property as well as an investment of €2,000,000 in Spanish government bonds, we assist applicants to obtain valid Spanish temporary resident permits, which is renewable with qualification for Spanish nationality in the end.

Under this package, applicants in all countries can apply to bring their spouses and dependent children with them as well as be able to move freely throughout the Schengen Area for 90 days in every six (6) month period.

After one year the visa can be renewed and again every two years indefinitely. It is at that point, after the first 12 months, that the European residency rule will allow investors and their families to live and work anywhere in the Schengen visa zone in Europe, as long as the investment in Spain is maintained and the visa renewed every two years.

We provide best professional services to potential investors in ensuring value for money.

Put us to the test….We Deliver.


Under this service, we specialize in providing comprehensive tax advice to clients on the following tax regime;

  • Income Tax
  • Rental and Non-Rental Real Estate Tax
  • Taxes on Bank Interests
  • Taxes on Dividends
  • Value Added Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Social Security Contributions
  • Tax Credits
  • Allowable Expenditure
  • Capital Gain &Losses
  • International Double Tax Relief

Family means no one gets behind or forgotten. At  ATI Asesores, we make a commitment in ensuring this become a  reality. We guide and assist you to  re-unite with all your  eligible family members from origin to Spain successfully.

We undertake all the processes on your behalf until the final stages when your family arrive in Spain. Additionally, we provide further post arrival services as may be needed.


  • Cuenta propia

    Cuenta propia:If you are resident of Spain and would like to set up your own business, then we are here to help you realized that dream. Spanish regulations provide to foreigners the authorization of temporary residence and independent work permit for the realization of a gainful activity.

    We specialize in developing Business Projects and Plans that meets required administrative standards for certification. Additionally, we provide post establishment services such as management of social security contributions as well as all associated taxation issues.

  • Cuenta Ajena / Employed

    We assist foreigner workers wishing to work in Spain to apply and obtain the necessary work permits. We provide guidance on employment contracts as well as other associated such as Social Security contributions and tax management.

  • Nationality Application

    Eligible for Spanish Nationality? Talk to us. We handle all the administrative procedures from initial application until the final phase. Avoid the mistakes , let us guide you. Additionally, we handle all kinds of auxiliary services such as comprehensive legal appeal on nationality rejections.

  • EU Blue Card

    Are you a high-skilled non-EU citizen?

    Do you want to migrate and work in the EU?

    Then look no further. At ATI Asesores, we provide  you with cutting edge services by ensuring comprehensive and continuous guidance from start to finish.

  • EU Community Card (CE)

    Under this service, we are able to provide assistance and guidance to clients intending to obtain the European Community Card (CE) that allows them the right to live and work in most EU member states.

Student Permit

We assist  and advice foreign students worldwide  intending  to undertake all types of studies and research in Spain and the EU on administrative requirements and procedures.

Fees & Fines

With a pool of professional expertise on our disposal,we are able to provide state of the art services on administrative fees and fines  (‘MULTAS’) to our clients.


We provide legal and professional assistance to clients in situations of  administrative expulsions.