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We primarily serve clients to obtain residency status in Spain through various immigration programs of both national and autonomous nature. Since establishment, we have succeeded in obtaining hundreds of permanent and temporary residence permits of Spain and other European countries for our clients.

Olesea  Sircu , Registered Spanish Immigration Consultant, is our chief consultant who advises clients and represents them to Spanish  Government Offices as well as Immigration and Fiscal establishments , such as judicial reviews, immigration appeals, etc

We advise  our clients and guide them to choose right programs, guide them throughout documentation processes, prepare and submit their completed applications, represent them to Spanish Government Offices, and provide them post-application services.

 Our core values:

  • Provide unconditional support to our clients
  • Establish trust and bond with our customers
  • Deliver exceptional customer service


ATI Asesores, they see people… we see lives…



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Holds a University Degree in  Political Sciences and specialist of International Law  from the University of Padua (Italy). She was a researcher for one year, in 2005, at  the Department of Administration and Public Politics of the University of Padua. Her research work focused  on “Deslocalización of the Italian market in Romania”. She was employed in 2007 as a volunteer in the project “Storie Straordinarie“, undertaken by the Town hall of Venice. In 2010, she studied  for a Master’s Degree in Immigration Management at University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, where she began her career and development with  special interest in Immigration issues. Until now, she  plays the role of Immigrants Consultant and is currently the President of the Technical Association on Immigration.


Holds  a University  Degree in International Relations (specialization: American Politics)  at Jaguellonica University  (Krakow, Poland) and a Masters Degree in   Migration Management at Universitat Pompey Fabra (Barcelona). She has collaborated with several entities of the various sectors, both in Poland and in  Spain (Barcelona). At present she is employed in the field of projects and investigation at the  Associacion Technicos en  Inmigracion and collaborates also in the area of immigrants consultancy.