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With our offices located in the in the heart of the Mediterranean ,Barcelona, Ati Asesores  is  a dynamic group of dedicated professionals specializing in providing customized advice on wide range of immigration issues particularly to immigrants in Spain and with a global presence .  We also specialized in the execution of tailored projects on immigrants often collaborating with various stakeholders.



If you are, or want to work or become a resident of Spain, we can assist you with:

  • Work Permits
  • Nationality Application
  • Investor Residence Permits
  • Family Reunion
  • Student Permit
  • EU Blue Card
  • EU Community Card (CE)

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Tax Management

We specialize in assisting you in the paperwork and tax documents for:

  • Cuenta propria (Autonomo/Self Employed)
  • Cuenta Ajena (Employed)
  • Tax returns
  • Accounting services

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Other Services

Apart from the aforementioned services we also assist you and collaboration with our network of partners with the following:

  • Fees & Fines
  • Legal Assistance
  • Expulsion (what to do when faced with expulsion)

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